About Stratosphonic

Stratosphonic is a boutique studio in Redhill, Surrey UK specialising in bespoke sound design & music production.

Nick Harrison is a sound designer and media composer with a background in studio technology, piano and guitar. He has been tutored privately in both piano and guitar (electric & acoustic).

From a young age, he experimented with toy keyboards, percussive instruments – in fact anything interesting that made a sound. This led to him recording his experimental creations on his (now primitive!) kit and eventually progressing to more and more advanced instrumentation and studio gadgetry. A deep love of sonic texture and musical adventure colours this journey.

Since discovering the potential of MIDI on his old Atari ST, he has come a long way to embrace the latest technologies in sound design and music creation. His works are bold, imaginative and creative with a particular expertise in the fields of sound to motion and commercial music composition.

With strong experience in brand creation and commercial work, Nick has worked on sound and music for award-winning short film, created audio branding for logos and idents, developed sound design for cutting-edge motion graphics and more. He has also produced sample collections sold globally and created library production music.

Nick is able to convey a message or pinpoint a brand identity in a way that sonically captures the imagination. Working closely with clients to build strong relationships, he creates engaging bespoke work to meet the specific project brief.

For more information, and to see how Nick can help, do get in touch.

e: info@stratosphonic.com
m: 07957 469010


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