Client Testimonials

“Nick wrote a great custom piece of music for my showreel, he listened to what I was after and had his own suggestions. He was very easy to work with, happy to fine tune to get the result I was after, and I look forward to using him for music composing and sound design for my clients”.


“Working with Nick was as easy as it gets! He was full of ideas and extremely enthusiastic about the project, understanding instantly what was needed, and able to execute multiple musical styles to fit the project’s specific sound criteria. A great attitude and personality combined with his faster then expected turn around time meant that dealing with him was a pleasure and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to discover a new sound/music composer!”


“The word that describes the best the work of Stratophonic Sound Design is efficiency. Nick knows how to enhance images with sound, and how to add life with sound and music. He is a very good sound designer and you can feel in his creations that he loves his work”.


“I was delighted to work with Nick!”





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